Tracing Direct provides an important service to the legal profession, trustees and executors. Whether your client has passed away without a will or the beneficiaries cannot be found, our expertise in research and genealogy is on hand to solve any estate administration issues.

Locating beneficiaries of the estate

Using best practice methods and the most innovative industry data software, Tracing Direct is able to locate rightful heirs of the intestate estate.

Accuracy and assurance

Tracing Direct can respond flexibly and quickly to any request to locate beneficiaries. 

We deliver a fully documented family tree with copies of birth, death and marriage certificates to support our findings and the entitlement of the beneficiaries we locate.

Contingency option costs

Tracing Direct absorbs all costs for the research and confirmation of this research.

Our fee is taken as a share of the entitlement of each beneficiary that has been located.

If it transpires that there are no living relatives and that the estate becomes property of the Crown, then Tracing Direct does not charge the beneficiaries and our client will receive a fully documented report.

Fixed fee costs

A pre-agreed fee, based on information currently known, is charged for each beneficiary located.

More information

If you are interested in finding out more about our services and team, please contact us now. 

If you are interested in working with us to find missing beneficiaries, please get in touch.

Tracing Direct has worked in partnership with a wide range of legal professionals, trustees and executors to locate missing beneficiaries.

We offer a reactive and effective service with an unrivalled success rate, whilst remaining aware of the delicacy of the legal situation and the emotional turmoil family bereavement brings.

If you need more persuading, here is a sample of the feedback we have received from your peers.


“Our firm instructed Tracing Direct in a particularly difficult intestacy case in which the family of the deceased was extremely large. A number of the beneficiaries were even traced successfully to Australia despite the fact that Tracing Direct was provided with very little information to assist with the searches. We were extremely pleased with the efficient, professional and friendly service we received.”

Lindsay Goodson, Solicitor, Taylor, Lambert & Gregory Solicitors, Gateshead

“I found Jamie of Tracing Direct to be knowledgeable, helpful and prompt and would have no hesitation in recommending Tracing Direct’s services to a colleague seeking the location of beneficiaries in an estate”

Sean Flanagan, Solicitor, Flanagan & Company, Derry, Northern Ireland

“Tracing Direct provided to me a professional and friendly service in helping me trace missing beneficiaries for my probate matter. I would highly recommend them to anyone!”

Robert Lee, Solicitor, Canter Levin & Berg, Liverpool

“I have used Tracing Direct now several times to trace missing beneficiaries. I have found their service to be quick, efficient and friendly and have always received the desired outcome.”

Hannah Kitchiner, Solicitor, BTMK, Essex

“I have found the service provided to be efficient and offered at a reasonable price”

Tim Crane, Cranes Solicitors, Vale of Glamorgan